how to make unicorn slime

How To Make Unicorn Slime

No matter how old you are, no one can deny how fabulous slime is. It is practically one of the most satisfying things to play with. Once you fall into the habit of playing with slimes, you always want to hoard different sorts of slime and try out how all of them really feel. However, there is nothing as beautiful as the feeling of making the slime yourself. It not only makes you feel like you accomplished something, but it also satisfies your creative urges. You can always make slime in whatever color and form you wish to. Some of the prettiest slimes out there are unicorn slimes, and everyone would want to get their hands on one as soon as they see them. In this article, you will be walked through the process of making rainbow unicorn slime on your own!

DIY Rainbow Unicorn Slime

To create this slime, as per the unicorn slime recipe, you need to create three separate batches of different colored slimes. Later on, these three batches will be combined together to create that rainbow unicorn effect!

The ingredients are simple and easy to find. You will face absolutely no difficulty in trying to find them and then work with them!

Unicorn Slime Ingredients

  • Three 6 oz. Bottles Of Glitter Glue: In this recipe, it’s recommended to use a good quality glitter glue so that the effect comes out the way you want it to. These three bottles will be used with the three different batches separately. We got these in the colors of pink, yellow and blue, but you can substitute the colors for any other ones if you have a different end result in mind!
  • ½ Spoon Of Baking Soda
  • Three Different Colors Of Glitter: The glitters will be in the three different colors of gold, blue, and pink. This will make sure that the slime is extra shiny, and will make the shine of the glitter glue even brighter than before!
  • 1 ½ Spoon Of Contact Lens Solution: For the slime, you will need to get a specific kind of lens solution which has boric acid in its ingredients. This ingredient needs to be present because this is what reacts with the glue giving slime its consistency.
  • 2 Tbsp Of Water: This is optional, and you can add this if you simply want the slime to be extra stretchy. If not, then the initial set of ingredients is more than enough!

Unicorn Fluffy Slime Recipe

So, let’s begin with the steps to prepare slime.

  1. Get a bowl that seems large enough to comfortably hold all of your ingredients in it.
  2. Pour in one bottle of the 6 oz. glitter glue into the bowl (whatever color you prefer to do first).
  3. Add in the baking soda and then mix it in with the glue thoroughly enough.
  4. Mix in the glitter which corresponds with the color of the glitter glue you added. For example, if you are doing yellow glitter glue first, add the gold glitter and then mix well with the rest of the ingredients.
  5. Gradually add the contact solution. Don’t rush it because this is a crucial stage. You do not want there to be too much contact solution in there, which will make it too runny. In the case of not enough contact solution, the slime will turn out to be too sticky. For this reason, just go slow with the contact solution and keep continuously mixing it in with the ingredients.
  6. You are supposed to keep adding the contact solution until the slime forms, and it eventually begins to harden up. After that, take it out of the bowl and begin to knead. You have to keep kneading it until it gets to the desired consistency. It is the most vital part of the slime formation process because this is what will bring slime’s correct shape out of it. If you find it too sticky for your preference even though you’ve been kneading for long, try putting baby oil to your hands. That will make your hands slippery and will not only make the kneading easier but also make sure that the slime doesn’t annoyingly stick to your hands.
  7. Similarly, make 2 more batches of slime. In the end, mix all the three batches of slime together to get your final rainbow unicorn slime!

You will not regret putting in all of this hard work when you let your fingers dig into this fluffy unicorn slime. It will satisfy you completely, and it’ll also look beautiful and shiny!

Some Helpful Tips

  • To get that real unicorn effect, you’d want all the colors to have a pastel touch to them. Make sure that you don’t add too much of the color into them so that they remain slightly pale.
  • In case that the consistency of the slime doesn’t feel right in any way, try adding more contact solution to the sides of the bowl and mix.

Safety Precautions

This is very important. Making slime is no less than a laboratory experiment. Hence there is a strict set of rules that you need to follow to make sure that you’re safe during the process of this slime making!

Do not let children under the age of 4 play with this slime at any cost.

Make sure to wash your hands always, before and after, you play with the slime. This will not only ensure that your slime remains clean, but it’ll also make sure that the germs from the slime don’t end up making you sick!

If you notice anything wrong with your skin or feel itching or irritated, stop using the slime immediately. In the case that you have sensitive skin, you should wear gloves while making the slime so that it doesn’t hurt you in any way.


Some people would argue that there is nothing better in the world than the unicorn fluffy slime! Not only the process of making it is very fascinating and fun, but the way it looks and feels will make sure that you are never able to have enough of it!