How to make slime with toothpaste and glue

How To Make Slime With Toothpaste

Have anyone played with slime before? If you did, you must have known how exciting and thrilling slime is. Plus, toddlers can be taught about alphabets, numbers, shapes, and colors through the slime. The sensory activities of the children get boosted as they can touch, smell, see, feel, and hear the slime charged activities. Moreover, glitters, toys, colors, etc. can be added to make the slime more fun and extraordinary.

We don’t have to rush to the stores or buy slime from online. We can easily make slime in our home. The process requires common things that are available right in our kitchen and washroom. One of the common ingredients in making slime is “toothpaste.” Every one of us uses toothpaste to brush our teeth daily. Therefore, it’s easy to understand that there is no need to worry about arranging the slime-making components.

Let’s Gather The Ingredients For Toothpaste Slime One By One

Let’s Start Making Some Fluffy Toothpaste Slime

  1. First, you have to pour toothpaste and glue in the bowl.
  2. Mix them well. Stir them with the spoon.
  3. Now, touch the slime with your finger.
  4. If you feel that the slime is sticking to your fingers, add more glue and blend again.
  5. Keep on doing it until the slime doesn’t hold to your hand anymore.
  6. Then, knead the slime until it gets a soft consistency.

Note: You can add food color and glitters with glue and toothpaste if you want colorful and twinkling slime. But, it’s entirely your choice.

Crush, squeeze, roll, or press the soft slime. Keep in mind that a proper slime should remain as a single lump and not many fragments.

How Would You Store The Slime?

Have you done playing with the fluffy slime? If so, don’t leave the slime in the open air. Store it in a zipped bag and refrigerate. If you see that the slime is drying out, spray water in the bag.

Remember this process doesn’t require borax and eye contact lenses solution. Instead, it contains toothpaste. Therefore, it may lose its texture after freezing it for a long time.

The texture of this slime is like putty. Plus, it will smell like mint or your daily toothpaste as it contains some portion of it. This slime will eventually get hard. You have to make another slime and throw the previous one. But, keeping it in a sealed bag without refrigeration can maintain the consistency intact for at least two to three weeks or even a month.

Let Us Give You A Great Idea Of How To Make Use Of The Slime For Your Little Kids

Use letter magnets for creating imprints. Let you nursery kids learn different alphabets. Again, you can make them develop words and their names. It will help to increase their vocabulary. Hide little plastic toys like flowers, butterflies, insects, birds, animals, etc. in slime and ask your baby to find them and name each one of them. They will enjoy pulling the toys out and recognize them. This game is quite a knowledge enhancer.

Both of you can enjoy together with slime and increase your communication level. But, never let your child eat the slime.