How To Make Slime With Shaving Cream

One of the best things about making the slime yourself is experimentation. You get to play around with different quantities and types of materials, to come to different kinds of slimes in the end. One of these materials is shaving cream.

When you add shaving cream to slime, it becomes fluffy slime. The shaving cream makes it airy, and the more shaving cream you add, the fluffier it gets. Here, you will learn to make a moderately fluffy slime using shaving cream. You can always change the quantities and make them suitable for yourself.

DIY Slime Recipe With Shaving Cream

The Ingredients You Need

For this slime recipe with shaving cream, you will need:

2/3 Cups Of Elmer’s White Glue: We recommend that you really use Elmer’s only since the consistency and make-up work the best for slime. The result might not be the same if you use some other glue.

½ Teaspoon Baking Soda.

¼ Cups Of Water.

2-3 Cups Of Shaving Cream: It is important to note that you shouldn’t use shaving gel as a substitute. The consistency is entirely different, and it won’t get you to the same fluffy slime results.

1.5 Teaspoon Contact Lens Solution: For this ingredient, you really need to make sure that you get the right kind of contact lens solution. It is supposed to have boric acid and sodium borate present in the ingredients. These are essential in making the slime form the way it does.

Liquid Food Coloring: You can get these in whatever colors you want, entirely dependent on what look you want on your slime. They’re available in all sorts of colors, and you can even mix colors to make newer ones!

How To Make Slime With Glue And Shaving Cream

  • Add your glue to a bowl.
  • Follow that by adding water, shaving cream, and baking soda to the glue and then mix the ingredients well.
  • Add food coloring lastly and then mix the ingredients well until everything is combined together very well. If you want to make a colorful slime, you can repeat this step again with different food colors and create different batches of slime.
  • You can then add these batches together to make rainbow slime. For a twist, you can try out adding glitter to some of the batches for an overall creative slime look!
  • In the end, you add your contact solution. This is where things get tricky. You do not need to put all of it in at once, try to gradually add it in.

The way we do it, we put one tablespoon of contact lens solution first, and then we start to knead it. The first addition gives us just enough room to begin kneading the slime. Towards the end, you can add the rest of the 0.5 tablespoons to bring the slime to its real consistency.

Keep in mind that the making process of this fluffy slime with shaving cream would be very messy. It is sticky and because of the shaving cream, very hard to handle as well. Don’t be disheartened if it keeps sticking to your hands and kneading becomes difficult because that is how it’s supposed to be.

How To Make Slime Without Glue (With Contact Solution And Shaving Cream)

The procedure for making slime with contact lens solution is the same as making slime with glue. The only difference is that you use shampoo instead of glue. The consistency of the shampoo is almost the same as glue and can definitely work out the same way.

  • Put in your shampoo, baking soda, water, and shaving cream into a bowl and mix thoroughly.
  • Use contact lens solution and add it in gradually to bind the shampoo together with the shaving cream. Later on, you can knead it to get it to the right consistency.

This way of making
slime is even messier than glue. If you feel like the slime is too sticky,
either add more contact lens solution or put baby lotion/oil on your hands to
make them slippery.

However, it’s worth it because shampoo is an ingredient not only readily available at home, but it is also safer than glue!

How To Make Slime Without Contact Solution (With Borax And Shaving Cream)

There are several alternatives to how you can get around to the results of the same fluffy slime. The shaving cream remains a key ingredient, but if you can’t find a contact lens solution, you can substitute that with pure borax.

  • You follow the same procedure, by putting in the glue, baking soda, water and shaving cream into the bowl.
  • Lastly, you gradually pour in the borax until you get it to the right consistency and then knead it later.

There are advantages to using borax instead of contact lens solution. As it is pure borax, it helps form the consistency of the slime in a way preferred way as compared to when you use contact lens solution.

However, you should avoid using pure borax, especially if you’re going to give the slime to children for playing. The borax, if ingested, can be harmful, which is why the contact lens solution is always a safer approach to making fluffy slime.

Lastly, Be Sure To Stay Safe!

The process of slime making always comes with endless possibilities. You can always try out different colors, consistencies, types, and forms. You can also try out different ingredients that give the slime a specific feel.

You should ensure that you’re trying your best to remain as safe as possible! Keep children away from the slime making process at all costs.

Remember washing your hands before and after playing with the slime. Don’t ignore it if you feel irritation on your skin because of the slime.

In the cases where you feel extreme discomfort, stop using the slime immediately. Try to wear gloves while making the slime if it’s a slightly uncomfortable feeling.

Fluffy slime remains a favorite of a lot of people because of how soft and playful it is, along with being stretchy and fun!