How To Make Slime With Only Glue And Water

Slime without the trace of borax is equally in the craze as slime with borax. Borax free slime made from glue and water gives you the same fluffiness and soft, stretchy texture that you get in borax laden slime.

In some cases, borax can be an irritant so it’s only recommended for non-edible products. It can be highly toxic for little kids.

Hence, to enjoy the slime charged fun, we can use only glue and water to make slime. It is safe for adults and children. It will take more or less 1 hour.

Again, you can add some glitters and food coloring to make the glue slime shiny and colorful.

Glue and water are readily available. Almost all the households keep a tub of glue for adhering various things. Another ingredient is also commonly available in every home which is ‘Starch.’

What Are The Materials That We Need To Make Borax Free Slime With Glue And Water?

  • White craft glue (1 cup/ Elmer’s glue is suggested as it is child-friendly and non-toxic)
  • Water (room temperature / ½ cup)
  • Liquid starch ( ½ cup / It’s a mixture of cornstarch and water)
  • Medium size bowl
  • Measuring cup
  • One spoon
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Food color ( optional)

Steps For Making Slime With Glue And Water

  1. The first thing you should do is mix the glue and water in a bowl. Keep on blending until they become homogenous. You must use a spoon to combine them. Never do it with bare hands.
  2. Now, add the glitter and food color if you want.
  3. Mix well with the spoon.
  4. Then, put the liquid starch into the combination. You have to continue mixing the ingredients until you can find a thick consistency that can be held together at once. Knead the slime thoroughly.
  5. Your slime shouldn’t be too hard that it feels like cement, or too soft that it feels like draining. The right consistency of the slime should be smooth, gooey, stretchable, single mounded, easy to press/pinch/message, and it shouldn’t leave any residue on your hands and the bowl.
  6. Add more starch if the slime is very runny. If too thick, add more water.

One Caution For Those Who May Try To Substitute Elmer’s Glue

Other glues can be harmful as we never know what harmful ingredient is hiding in them. Some side effects of sniffing glue fumes are anxiety, dizziness, headache, irritability, loss of appetite, nausea, convulsions, seizures, coma, stupor, runny nose, excitability, etc. Hence, please try to stick to the suggested glue brand.

Glue is not supposed to be consumed in our body. Thus, if your child has the habit of putting odd things in his/her mouth, keep the glue bottle away from him/her. Also, keep checking when he/she is playing with slime.


Keep your little ones busy with the safe slime making activity involving glue and water that gives a boost to their sensory organs, thinking capability, creativity and learning ability.

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