How to make slime using borax powder

How To Make Slime With Borax

Borax is one of the common ingredients essential in making slime. Borax made slime is also known as Gluep, Gak, Flubber or Glurch. The other products required for making slime are glue and water.

Borax is considered toxic and is not suggested for little children as it can irritate their eyes and skin. Especially, when you are mixing the borax powder, it can get in the air and stuck in your airways. Be aware as the kids can put borax contaminated hands in their mouth. If kids ingest it in moderate quantity, it can lead to nausea and gastrointestinal upset.

But, a sign of relief comes our way as the amount of Borax needed for homemade slime is not high. It’s usually a tablespoon that may not be more than 14 grams. It is diluted in water and mixed with other ingredients.

Let’s See How We Can Make Slime With Borax

The Ingredients That Must Be Gathered

Slime Recipe With Borax

  • In the beginning, you have to squeeze approximately 4 ounces of glue (preferably white glue) into the bowl.
  • Add 1 and ½ bottle of warm water. The ratio is 4 ounces of paste: 4 ounces of warm water.
  • Now put few drops of food coloring. Do it if you want to give your slime a beautiful hue. Pink, blue, green, etc. are the standard colors.
  • Now, take one teaspoon of Borax and put it into ½ cup of plain water. Mix it well.
  • Pour the solution slowly into the glue and water mixture.
  • Stir the entire mixture until the slime comes together as a single lump.
  • You may or may not need the whole borax solution. The amount depends on how much slime you want and how much of other ingredients you have taken.
  • Knead your slime exceptionally well. In the beginning, it will be gooey and wet; then the texture will become sloppy and leather-like or stringy. Finally, the slime mixture will hold together.
  • Pull the slime. Check if the concoction is stretching without tearing apart. If it gets fragmented, then knead it again. Your slime can be pulled apart and take any shape you make.

Store Your Slime

  1. A ziplock bag is the perfect storage container of your slime. It will be fresh for a couple of weeks; Then it may start smelling foul. You have to throw away your evil smelly slime and make a new one.
  2. Your slime will dry if you keep it open. So an airtight zipped bag is necessary.
  3. Refrigerate the slime to make it last more than two weeks. A slime with Borax may not get spoiled quickly.

Tips For You

Never touch your slime with oily, warm or sweaty palms.

Don’t leave your slime in the sunny or sweltering environment. It may melt, shrink or evaporate. The color can change too.

Direct sunlight is not suitable for slime.

If your slime comes in contact with your furniture, cloth, spectacles, fabric, etc., it’s hard to wash them and get rid of every speck of slime. So, be careful.

If you live in a warm weather dominated region, your slime may melt to some extent. Similarly, if you reside in an area having cold weather, your slime may become stiff.

If you touch your slime with dirty hands, the dirt will stick to the slime. We suggest you clean and dry your hands before playing with slime.