How to Make Slime at Home Recipe

How To Make Slime At Home

Slime is a sticky and soft substance that has thick and glue-like anatomy. Slime can be made in multiple attractive colors. It changes shape when you move it. It is quite funny and surprising in the manner it fluctuates. Plus, slime has got unique texture and smell, and nowadays are created by kids at home.


Kids can do many things with slime. The most impressive part is that slime is different everytime you create it.

It changes shape instantly as you squeeze or roll it making it more interesting for the little children. For example, one time you stretch it giving it a long string-like shape, the next moment it can drip to the floor and breaks off.

The tiny hands can remain busy making their favorite forms like round, rectangular, elongated, etc. and can generate toys or merely play.

Again, slime can make farting noises, bubble up, spill, etc.

The Origin Of Slime

Mattel, a leading retailer, made a toy – that’s when slime first came into the limelight in the year 1976. It was initially generated from guar gum which is a powdered product extracted from the guar beans.

Slime Making At Home

You can make slime at home. It’s not that tough and is safer than the ready-made ones as you know what you have mixed in the ingredients to create slime.

Gather These Products For Making Slime At Home

Precautions To Be Taken (Both For You And Your Kid)

Wear a face mask to stay away from inhaling the chemicals used in slime making.

Gear up with a good pair of goggles so that the powdered chemicals won’t get into your eyes.

Keep ample water nearby so that you can wash your face and eyes immediately if a speck of slime-making ingredient strikes you.

Check if you and your child are allergic to borax.

Do These Activities For Making Slime At Home

  1. Pour the entire glue into the mixing container.
  2. Then pour water into the container.
  3. Stir well the glue and water.
  4. Add food color (approximately 6 drops).
  5. Add liquid starch and blend well.

The texture is quite okay and blobby or formless by now. As the kids start playing with the viscous concoction, it will become more elastic, gummy and stretchy, and will become more comfortable to hold. You can explore the slimy slime and store it in a zipped bag after using it. Please keep it in a refrigerator to save it from growing mold.

The Working Procedure Of Slime

The glue contains an ingredient named polyvinyl acetate which is a liquid polymer. Tiny molecules in the glue remain in the strands like a chain. After adding the liquid starch, the polymer glue strands hold together tightly providing it a stiffer and gooey sensation.

The science behind the slime is that the starch or borax acts as a cross-linker binding all the polymer strands together with each other creating a consistency like putty.

Take Care

If you are making slime along with your child at your home, kindly be careful as it is a messy experience due to the completion of the bonding of two compounds. Don’t let your little darling swallow slime or put the slime-covered tiny hands into his/her mouth.


Slime, a fantastic stress-relieving tool is a real treat for the kids as they are engaged to the sense of touch. Slime making is a relaxing, regulation and calming activity giving a boost to the child’s creativity. It’s an incredible brain break from the monotonous school pressure.