How To Make Edible Slime

You may have come across several trends lately. But, nothing hits the right notes like making slime at home does. This gooey, soft, colorful item is much of rage among kids and grown-ups alike. Not to mention, a perfect mix of texture and hue makes it all the more attractive for tiny tots, who more often try to nibble almost everything away – enter the wonderful invention of edible slime!

Well, now it’s time to be relieved as the ever-evolving sphere of toys, and decorative brings you edible slime. Yes, that’s true! So, even if your kid swallows some of it, be assured that it’s not going to harm them in any way. Moreover, you can enjoy gifting your child these tiny treats as gummy bears or in any other shape they love.

If you wanna know how to make edible slime with marshmallows or starburst, then you just landed at the right place.

So, let’s check out some of the irresistible recipes that bring the world of edible slime to your doorstep. All that it would take is a handful of ingredients and a few simple steps to create these gooey balls that can be molded to make structural marvels, from candies to castles.

How To Make Edible Slime With Marshmallows

Ingredients Required

Get ready with these ingredients that would make your edible marshmallow slime.

Once you are ready with these ingredients, follow the below step-wise recipe to make edible slime with marshmallows.


  1. Get your hands on some marshmallow cubes and store them in a microwaveable bowl.
  2. Proceed with placing it in the microwave to heat and loosen the structural integrity. Take it out once it reaches a semi-liquid state. If you do not have a microwave, don’t worry! You can also melt in your fry pan. Simple and easy, you see!
  3. Once out, add a few drops of your favorite color and mix thoroughly.
  4. To get the right, slimy consistency, you would need to add some cornstarch mixed with powdered sugar. So, the next step to proceed with is to pour the cornstarch along with sugar onto a dry plate.
  5. Mix it with the melted marshmallow until the dough turns consistent. Now, transfer the molten marshmallow to this plate and mix it well with the powder to make the dough. You can apply oil in your fingers to prevent the mixture from sticking. Well, you are almost there. While mixing, you can feel the exact gooey texture that non-edible slimes have.
  6. Next, give your edible slime a shape that you like. You can do so by placing it in a cast and letting it dry. Or, you can also go forward with a few pats to get a pancake shape.
  7. Once done with the shaping, add a handful of colored sprinkles to decorate your edible slime.

The edible slimes are perfect for kids who love nibbling at anything and everything. Also, the presence of sweet marshmallow flavor makes it best for midnight cravings of grown-ups.

Now, let’s have a look at other edible slimes you can make with starburst and gummy bear. But wait, do you know it is also possible to make these irresistible confectionaries without adding any cornstarch? Yeah, that’s true.

So, let’s proceed!

How To Make Edible Slime With Gummy Bears

Making an edible slime with gummy bears is equally easy and fun to work on. Let’s check out the process.

Ingredients Required

Pick up all the ingredients you would need for the slime.


  1. Put the gummy bears in a bowl and microwave them to melt.
  2. To get a bright color from this slime, pick gummy bears that are of the same color.
  3. Once melted, pour it on to the cornstarch and sugar powder to make the dough.
  4. Decrease the quantity of cornstarch and sugar to make a stickier slime.
  5. In the end, you can add sprinkles to make a mouth-watering edible slime.

How To Make Edible Slime With Starburst

Ingredients Required

The ingredients required to make starburst slime are the same as above. Just replace the gummy bears with a colorful starburst.


Heat and knead to make the dough and refrigerate to get the slimy consistency.

These were a handful of recipes you can use to make slime that you can play with or eat. However, in all of these, you were required to use cornstarch to make the slime. Well now, here’s a take on how to make edible slime without cornstarch.

How To Make Edible Slime Without Cornstarch

As cornstarch is responsible to lend the slime its gooey texture, you must have another ingredient that serves the same purpose. Replacing this cornstarch with other edible ingredients with the same properties will help well to make slime without cornstarch.

Like, you can go with potato starch for making it. Psyllium husk powder is another simple kitchen ingredient that lends it the same gooey feel.

That’s all you needed to know about how to make edible slime with marshmallow, starburst, or gummy bears. Get set to surprise your kids with these easy recipes.


While edible slime does not carry any hazardous risks because of its safe-to-use ingredients, other aspects of these edible beauties require care.

As the ingredients are edible, make sure to use it up within 3 to 5 days.

Storing at a very low temperature can stiffen it.

It is high in sugar, thus making it unfit for consumption in large quantities.

But, who said you can’t have a handful of them daily? So, enjoy your time nibbling and chewing on these squeezy, little confectioneries!