how to make crunchy slime

How To Make Crunchy Slime

Amongst the several different kinds of slimes exists the crunchy slime. Renowned among all slime lovers, it is famous for the ‘crunch’ sound it makes when you play with it.

It feels like something is popping, and both the sound and the feel are very satisfying when you’re playing with it. You can go along with two types of DIY crunchy slime; either clear crunchy slime or the fluffy crunchy slime, both of which are equally fun!

Fluffy Crunchy Slime Recipe

Fluffy Crunchy Slime Ingredients

  • A big mixing bowl to make sure all the ingredients fit into it and don’t pour over the edge.
  • A spoon for mixing all ingredients.
  • Glue You’ll need a 4 oz. bottle of simple white school glue, which not only is safe for the kids but will also give you a very creamy finish for the slime.
  • Food coloring This can be whatever color you wish for the slime to be in, there is a broad variety for you to choose from!
  • Small styrofoam beads – It is preferred if you get smaller beads since those form the nicest crunches when played with!

How To Make It

The procedure of making crunchy slime is almost the same as any regular slime, only different towards the final few steps.

Step 1

Pour a bottle of the white school glue into the mixing bowl.

Step 2

Then add the baking soda and right after that, a few drops of the food coloring you want. The more drops you mix, the more intense the color would be. Hence, you should go drop by drop to make sure u get to the right results.

Step 3

After mixing all three of the previous ingredients together, add in your shaving cream. There is no particular set amount, as it depends on your preference.

Step 4

The fluffier you want your slime, the more shaving cream you must add to ensure your results. After having added the shaving cream, mix it in well with the rest of the ingredients.

Step 5

Then comes the contact lens solution. You should add this in very gradually, as this ingredient mixed in the right amount is what will make your slime perfectly.

Step 6

Keep adding it until you feel like most of the stickiness is gone and the slime is at your preferred consistency. If you feel like you have mixed too much of the contact lens solution and it’s breaking apart, you can add more glue to it. This will loosen the slime up again.

Step 7

Keep mixing continuously while you’re adding the contact lens solution. The right sign that the slime is ready is if it stops sticking to the sides of the bowl. After that, use your hands to knead it and get it to the perfect consistency.

Step 8

It’s now the turn for the chief ingredient! Add in the Styrofoam beads; the amount depends on how much crunchy you want your slime to be. Don’t add too many since that might ruin the slime. Just pour them into the bowl and then knead the slime along with the beads until it feels like the beads are all mixed into the slime evenly, and you have your crunchy slime!

Clear Crunchy Slime Recipe

Just like this slime, you can also make crunchy slime which is completely clear. All you need is to swap a few ingredients with some others, and you’ll get clear slime.

Clear crunchy slime will be way less foamy but way more stretchable than the fluffy crunchy slime, which is preferred by some people. If you want for your kids to play with a slime which
is a little cleaner and a lot easier to pick out if it falls into places, then you’d like this recipe.

Additionally, this recipe requires fewer ingredients, is a lot easier to make, and will also save you a lot of time.

Clear Crunchy Slime Ingredients

How To Make It

  1. Add the clear glue into the mixing bowls.
  2. Follow that with the water and mix the glue with the water really thoroughly.
  3. Then gradually add the liquid starch. This is an excellent alternative to using contact lens solution, as it binds the slime together just as well. However, it might not be as readily available as contact lens solution. You can alternate between both of these ingredients, whatever suits your convenience. Keep adding the liquid starch gradually and mix it in simultaneously until the slime doesn’t stick to the bowl. Then take it out and kneed it thoroughly.
  4. After your slime is of the most desirable consistency, add in the foam beads and knead to make sure that they’re spread out evenly.

Don’t Forget The Safety Precautions

It cannot be stressed enough that the ingredients used during the making of slime might turn out to be hazardous, which is why you should use sufficient precautions.

Ensure that your skin isn’t being irritated in any way, and if it is, then use gloves.

In the case of extreme irritation, stop use immediately and get it checked by the doctor.

Keep all ingredients away from kids, and thoroughly supervise whenever your children are playing with the slime.

They shouldn’t swallow anything, especially the contact lens solution, as it can be very hazardous to their health.

Once your safety is ensured, you can go forward to play with the slime as you like! It’s fluffy, stretchy, entirely satisfying and the making of the slime is also a great thing to do whenever
you’re free.