how to make cloud slime with and without fake snow

How To Make Cloud Slime

Everyone loves cloud slime. From children to grown adults, playing with slime is something that brings a smile to everyone’s face. After all, there’s something inertly fun about playing with slimes, be it of any kind.

That being said, children in particular love playing slime. Do you know what’s better than playing with slime though? It’s actually making it! Making slime is a fun activity for both parents and children. It doesn’t have to be a parent-child activity either.

It can be done as a friends’ group project or even a class activity. Some therapists recommend playing making slime as a means to cope with PTSD or anxiety as well. There’s no restriction on who should make or play with slime. It’s literally for everyone.

DIY Cloud Slime

There are various ways to make slime. And different variations of the ingredient can make different kinds of slime – and yes, there are probably thousands of types of slime out there.

Today we’re going to focus on making cloud slime. Cloud slime is light and super stretchy slime that looks and feels like clouds. It’s super fluffy and fun to make and play with. There are a variety of cloud slimes too, like cloud crème slime, unicorn cloud slime, rainbow cloud slime, fluffy cloud slime, etc.

Some people believe that the more specific and expensive their cloud slime ingredients are, the better their slime will turn out. But that’s not always the case.

It is possible to make cheap cloud slime out of cheap ingredients that you can find around your home or at the local grocery store. It doesn’t require much effort either. You need to be careful about the portions and voila! You will have the best cloud slime.

With that being said, let’s move on to the ingredients.

Cloud Slime Ingredients

To make cloud slime, you will need just four ingredients:

As you can see, the ingredients for cloud slime are pretty straight forward. You don’t need any one specific brand of glue or shaving cream. Just take whatever you can find. However, for liquid starch, we recommend something like Sta Flo because it will help make your cloud slime super fluffy.

Trust us; liquid starch will give your slime the ‘lightness’ it needs to be cloud-like. You can’t use powdered starch for this either because that will make your slime crunchy- and we don’t want that. Once you have your ingredients, you can move onto the next phase.

How To Make Cloud Slime Instructions

Step 1

To make cloud slime, you need to put all your ingredients, except instant snow, in a bowl. Then you have to stir. Don’t be too aggressive with your stirring as that won’t let the shaving cream activate and mix with the starch and glue.

Also, at this stage, you can add food coloring if you want. After a couple of minutes of stirring, you will notice that your slime is beginning to form. Once it is as puffy as you want it to be, you can mix your Instant snow.

Step 2

Take out the slime from the bowl and then begin kneading it with your hand. You need to make sure that it is well mixed. Also, ensure that there aren’t any areas where there is more slime than snow and vice versa.

Step 3

Once you have finished your kneading, you need to allow your cloud slime to sit in an airtight container for a few hours. This makes it less sticky and more fluffy– like a cloud! Additionally, it also helps the slime rest so that any reaction still taking place have a chance to finish.

Step 4

You can choose to leave your slime overnight, but one or two hours is fine as well. After this, you can play with slime to your heart’s content. Just make sure that you store it in a tight container whenever you’re done. This helps to stop slime from drying out.

But wait! What if you don’t have instant snow on hand? How do you make cloud slime without instant snow then? Well, lucky for you, we have another recipe for cloud slime that does not use any kind of instant snow formula at all. Check it out below.

How To Make Cloud Slime Without Fake Snow

Now, before we move on with the process, it’s probably a good time to add that, we tried making it with cotton and cotton balls – unfortunately, that does not work. It just makes the cloud slime really heavy.

However, the linings of diapers and sanitary pads, for some reason, have a kind of cotton that’s less dense, making them ideal for cloud crème slime. And yes, that’s what cloud slime without instant snow are called.

Making Cloud Slime With Styrofoam

You can follow the recipe we’ve provided up till the point where instant snow is added. In its place, if you’re using Styrofoam, then you will add crushed bits of that. Make sure the Styrofoam pieces are tiny – as tiny as you want them to be. Knead it with the slime until well combined, and it’s ready!

Cloud Slimes With Diapers And Pads

If you’re using the second option, then you will have to cut open the diaper or pad and take out the cotton material from inside. Once you have enough of it, then you have to soak it in water for an hour or so. Then after removing it from water, squeeze it, so there is no excess water.

Then, just like you would with instant snow or Styrofoam, knead it together with the rest of the slime. Once you’re done, store it in an airtight container overnight, and you’re good to go!

Lastly, Take Suitable Measures While Making Slime

Slime is made from chemical reactions. Therefore, you must take precautionary measures to prevent any mishaps.

Children should always make slime with adult supervision.

While you’re mixing together the ingredients, you must wear a glove to avoid direct contact.

Avoid getting slime near your eyes or mouth, and don’t eat slime. There are many edible slime recipes out there, but this isn’t one of them!

In the end, have fun but take precautionary measures so that you have fun without compromising safety. Enjoy!