how to make clear slime

How To Make Clear Slime With And Without Borax

If you are seeking for an easy to do slime recipe then this clear slime recipe is for you. You need 3 items to make this awesome squishy, soft slime and it’s marvelous!

Clear slime procedure takes 5 minutes to finish and keeps the children glad for seven days.

We always like to discuss a touch of scientific reasons when we create something! Slime is an incredible way to learn reasoning and children cherish it as well!

Blends, chemicals, polymers, molecular state, matter identification, stretchability, and thickness are only a couple of concepts investigated with the process of custom made slime!

Slime is an incredible means to more growing youngsters to deal with their hand strength. Youngsters appreciate working on, pulling, holding, stretching the slime. Working hand and finger muscles are significant for kid advancement. It will improve their aptitudes.

Now that you know about the science behind slime, don’t you want to try it out?

We know you are as excited as your kids. Without wasting any of your time lets skip to the ingredient list.

Ingredients Required

Making clear slime is as easy as playing with it. All you need to create your batch of slime is as below.

That’s it. Isn’t it simple? It can’t get any simple than this. Think again before buying the slime from a shop or online.

Now that you have gathered the ingredients let us make the slime in a step by step procedure.


It is always better to use protective gloves while handling chemicals.

If you are sensitive, better to do the procedure in an open area so that you have good air to breathe.

The Steps To Make Clear Slime With Borax

  • In a bowl, mix glue with 1/2 cup of boiling water and blend well.
  • Blend a 1/2 teaspoon of borax into your other part of hot water and mix, giving the borax a chance to dissolve well.
  • Now, empty the borax water into your glue blend and mix (You should notice mixture to form slime).
  • Now, continue blending with your hands by kneading for a couple of minutes to mix as much as the borax water blend as could reasonably take in.
  • Discard the excess water, take the slime from the bowl and squish and knead in your grasp for two or three minutes.
  • Tada! Your slime is done.
  • If you need this slime to be super clear, let it sit for a day or two in an airtight container without playing with it.
  • You will definitely love the result after the wait.

The Steps To Make Clear Slime Without Borax

Clear Slime Without Borax Recipe

Ingredients Required

Tips To Follow While Preparing Slime

Focus on the water temperatures! Make sure to use hot water in stage one and warm water in step two. Clear sludge is vulnerable to temperature variations. An excessive amount of warm water and the slime won’t gel, and if the water is little, it will be hardened.

Don’t over mix! An excessive amount of blending will cause air pockets to frame, and the slime will seem whitish for a couple of days.

Use wooden sticks to mix. It’s simpler to blend when utilizing a specialty stick. Spoons welcome children to mix, and this sludge will get loaded up with air pockets whenever blended quick.

Initially stretch it very slowly. Keep in mind that transparent slime is naturally less stretchy than white glue slime.

Stretch it more gradually, and you’ll see that it is stretchier than you might suspect. The initial reaction is to treat it like white glue slime and stretch it rapidly. This may cause it to break, and you’ll think your slime is ruined. Instead, attempt again pulling it more gently and see what occurs.

You can likewise attempt our mystery to making it stretchier underneath.

How To Make Slime Stretchy Again

If you have played with clear slime ever, you will realize that it is very easy for the slime to get solidified. You can notice this solidification even when you have stored it out without playing.

We tried many different ways on how to make it stretchy again and attempted every technique without much of any result that incorporates warm water, microwaving it, including hand sanitizer, hair gel, cream, and many more.

After a series of trials, we found the answer to make it stretchy again. Yay! We did find a right and easy solution.

Heat! Yes, heat makes this slime stretchy again. Our go-to technique for heating slime is with the Sun. The colder clear sludge is, the more fragile it moves toward becoming. So, warm it up by putting the entire airtight container in direct daylight or under a warm light for 10-15 minutes. Bam! Your sludge will be stretchy again.

(Note: Lotion or oil will help too, but, your slime will turn out to be extremely smooth and lose that clear appearance.)