how to make butter slime with only 3 ingredients

How To Make Butter Slime

Did you ever think of using that leftover cooking butter to make slime?

Aren’t we all kids at heart? Aren’t you curious to know that simple method of making butter slime at home?

Let’s delay not, gather all the ingredients and put on your home scientist hat. Let us do some creating!

Butter Slime Ingredients Required

Do you have the right Ingredients? Check our list below for everything you need for your experiment.

Do you think you have all these at home? We told you … it is easy, and there is no Butter!! Now let us go to our experiment..! Are you more curious than your kid? We know you are.

Butter Slime Making Procedure

Creation time it is…! Follow the steps below.

  1. In a large bowl, pour all the glue and 1 and 1/4th cup of shaving foam. Mix it well.
  2. Once they blend in well, add the listed contact lens solution. Mix it thoroughly. You can see the mixture turning rubbery and leaving the edges of the bowl.
  3. Its time to play. No, it’s not done, silly!
  4. Knead it well. Stretch, pull, knead and repeat.
  5. Continue until its not sticky anymore.
  6. If you find it is sticky even after 10 odd minutes, add a bit of shaving foam.
  7. There you are, looking for the last step. Now add in those modeling clay.
  8. Knead well. Stretch, pull, knead and repeat.
  9. Thought you are done? No.. you have one last ingredient left. Just squirt a dab of liquid moisturizer to the dough and knead it again..
  10. Now you are done…!

Isn’t it easy? Want to know how to store your creation? Worry not and read on, we have a solution for you.

Remember, always store any slime in airtight containers. It will lock in the moisture and helps you to play with it for a long time.

Now you can play with your kids or make a batch of your own.

How To Make Butter Slime Without Clay

Ingredients Required


Butter Slime Without Clay Recipe

Removing Sticky Slime

Just the way you love slime, there will be someone in your family for whom slime is head over heels! This tip will help you separate them easily.

  • Use more slime on the area to remove it as a whole.
  • Use a drop of moisturizer or oil to get the slime slide.
  • Never take slime near cloth, beds, carpets, screens, etc.

There you go, now you know all about butter slime.

Fun Things To Do With Slime

For the more enjoyable activity, you can use 1 part of slime you just made and 1 part clay. Mix it well to get another whole new texture!!

Butter slime is very easy to stretch when you have just made it. As time passes, clay makes it a bit hard. If you want to reuse it again, you can add in a dab of lotion or any oil to make it stretchy back.

Store it well to keep the moisture locked. Butter slime can be used to play many things. You can blow a big bubble out of it, spread it and make tiny cookies.

Cut it with fork or butter knife to make your favorite figure or shapes. Help your kid to identify shapes etc.

You can always personalize your slime. Add food colors, glitters and other things to make it more interesting for kids.


This preparation is to be done by adults and is advised to wear a glove if you have sensitive skin.

Always make sure you clean your hands before and after use of slime.

Please note, this project is not suitable for any kid below age 7.

Slime should never be put in mouth or ingested. It is highly recommended to visit doctors immediately if found swallowed.