How to make blue slime recipe

How To Make Blue Slime

Today, we’ll learn how to make blue slime.

Slime takes any shape and typically doesn’t stick to your hand and clothes. Slime can come in various colors. Sometimes, you can make slime that glows in the dark, has a glittery look or a bright appearance.

Slime making is a big part of school science projects. High school kids can make slime alone while young children are recommended to have adult supervision.

There are multiple ways to make slime. The result provides a superb concoction of sloppy stretchy slime that aids as a stress reliever or hours of interactive play. Moreover, slime making gives the students a suitable medium for learning chemical principles.

Caution About Borax

Be careful when using borax. Borax is a great slime-making component but comes with safety warnings

You can buy borax at your local pharmacy or Amazon. But be careful as it can’t be inhaled or swallowed. It is a boron mineral and salt directly mined from the ground. If you take in too much of borax, it can lead to accumulated poisoning in the body organs. Take extra care around kids as borax can cause havoc biochemical reaction in their nervous system.

Also, if you have cuts, wounds or damaged skin, don’t use borax. In adults, borax poisoning can happen if ingested between 1 and 3 grams. Children can be the victims of borax poisoning if they consume 2 to 3 grams of it.

Today, we will discuss how to make blue slime

Gather These Ingredients For Blue Slime

The Procedure For Making Blue Slime

  1. Take a cup and pour borax powder and water. Mix them so that the borax can get dissolved into the water.
  2. Take a bowl and pour the liquid glue.
  3. In the same bowl containing glue, put shaving cream.
  4. Blend the glue and the shaving cream so well that the mixture appears frosting.
  5. Now, you need to add the borax solution. Slowly pour it over the glue and shaving cream concoction and keep stirring it. Blend until the borax gets mixed appropriately. Check if the mixture is sticking to the bowl’s wall or your hands. If it sticks, add more borax.
  6. For your blue slime, put the blue food color or liquid watercolor (few drops) on the slime mixture. Blend it well until it appears like a solid tint.
  7. Then, knead your slime very well. Gradually you will get your deserved consistency that is non-sticky yet soft slime.

[ Note: Don’t forget to drain the excess borax left in the cup. It’s better to dispose of the cup in the trash box]

As your brilliant blue slime is ready, you can play with it. Try making different shapes, engrave different alphabets, twist and poke it. After playing, keep the slime in a zip-lock bag and store it in the refrigerator to keep it for longer.