How To Make Edible Slime

You may have come across several trends lately. But, nothing hits the right notes like making slime at home does. This gooey, soft, colorful item is much of rage among kids and grown-ups alike. Not to mention, a perfect mix of texture and hue […]

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How To Make Water Slime

Making slime at home can be an enjoyable and engaging activity. It not only attracts kids, but adults too can enjoy the process. However, many of us visualize slime making as a chemical process where dangerous liquids ooze out from bottles. But, in reality, […]

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How To Make Slime Without Borax

Borax or sodium tetraborate is the most common ingredient used in slime making. Borax can lead to adverse health conditions like skin rashes, eye irritation, acute toxicity, hormone issues such as lower sperm count and libido, oral irritability and even death. So, both the adults […]

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