How To Make Slime With Toothpaste

Have anyone played with slime before? If you did, you must have known how exciting and thrilling slime is. Plus, toddlers can be taught about alphabets, numbers, shapes, and colors through the slime. The sensory activities of the children get boosted as they can […]

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How To Make Crystal Slime

Today, we will learn to make “Crystal Slime”!

The popularity of slime is growing day by day. Previously people used to buy slime from stores for various purposes. Nowadays, the “Do it Yourself” mania has dominated the whole world. The cherry on the cake is […]

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How To Make Blue Slime

Today, we will learn how to make blue slime.

Slime, the fluff that oozes between your fingers, takes any shape and doesn’t stick to your hand and dress. Slime can be of various colors. Sometimes, you can make slime that glows in the dark, has a […]

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How To Make A Fluffy Slime

Fluffy, smooth slime can keep children busy for hours. Considered as safe and edible in some instances, slime has become a popular trend with little kids and teens. Don’t have to worry about the ingredients of making slime as they are available in standard retail corners […]

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How To Make Slime With Glue

Slime making is a refreshment for the young minds that sometimes get fatigued due to the study pressure. Plus, creating slime with glue doesn’t require a hefty amount of cash. The glue needed in slime making is easily available in retail stores.

Slime making is also […]

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How To Make Slime At Home

Slime is a sticky and soft substance that has thick and glue-like anatomy. Slime can be made in multiple attractive colors. It changes shape when you move it. It is quite funny and surprising in the manner it fluctuates. Plus, slime has got unique texture […]

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