How To Make Edible Slime

You may have come across several trends lately. But, nothing hits the right notes like making slime at home does. This gooey, soft, colorful item is much of rage among kids and grown-ups alike. Not to mention, a perfect mix of texture and hue […]

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How To Make Water Slime

Making slime at home can be an enjoyable and engaging activity. It not only attracts kids, but adults too can enjoy the process. However, many of us visualize slime making as a chemical process where dangerous liquids ooze out from bottles. But, in reality, […]

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How To Make Slime With Contact Solution

Slime is not only a toy for children but has also proved to be a great stress-reliever. Making slime at home ensures that it is safe to use and also saves money and time. And anyway, who isn’t a DIY enthusiast? Using a contact solution […]

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How To Make Glow In The Dark Slime

Homemade slime is loved by one and all. Adding some excitement to the regular slime is the glow element. The glow in the dark slime is loved equally by kids and adults. It is an enjoyable way to engage the kids and keep them […]

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How To Make Crunchy Slime

Amongst the several different kinds of slimes exists the crunchy slime. Renowned among all slime lovers, it is famous for the ‘crunch’ sound it makes when you play with it.

It feels like something is popping, and both the sound and the feel are very satisfying when you’re […]

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How To Make Slime With Shaving Cream

One of the best things about making the slime yourself is experimentation. You get to play around with different quantities and types of materials, to come to different kinds of slimes in the end. One of these materials is shaving cream.

When you add shaving […]

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How To Make Unicorn Slime

No matter how old you are, no one can deny how fabulous slime is. It is practically one of the most satisfying things to play with. Once you fall into the habit of playing with slimes, you always want to hoard different sorts of slime […]

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How To Make Cloud Slime

Everyone loves cloud slime. From children to grown adults, playing with slime is something that brings a smile to everyone’s face. After all, there’s something inertly fun about playing with slimes, be it of any kind.

That being said, children in particular love playing slime. […]

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How To Make Clear Slime With And Without Borax

If you are seeking for an easy to do slime recipe then this clear slime recipe is for you. You need 3 items to make this awesome squishy, soft slime and it’s marvelous!

Clear slime procedure takes 5 minutes to finish and keeps the children […]

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How To Make Butter Slime

Did you just think of using that leftover cooking butter to make slime?

We will not do this as a cooking experiment! It will be a fun experiment.

Slime is “the thing” in today’s kids’ world. Everyone loves slime for its stretchy, squishy, gooey texture.


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